You are very important to us and to your child’s development. Once the students leave the classroom, it is you who continues to help encourage and support the child in the learning process. Children in the Glendive Public Schools can only achieve the success they deserve with the help of concerned and dedicated support.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Did you know that if you are interested and involved, your child gets a better education? Visit your child's school during Parent Teacher Conferences. Attend sports events, plays, concerts and other activities.

Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled in all schools.
This is a good time to find out:

  • what your child is doing well in, and what they need help with,
  • how your child gets along with others,
  • information on school policies or rules,
  • what you can do at home to help... and much more.

But you can schedule a conference with your child's teacher at any time during the school year. If you would like to talk to a teacher, send a note or call the school office.