The ballot states this bond referendum is for $32,380,000. How are these funds allocated between the sites?

First, it is important to note that these bond funds can only be spent by the school district and only towards the items listed in the ballot. None of these funds can be shifted to other priorities, or other governmental agencies. If costs are able to come in underneath this maximum price, the bonds will not be issued by the district, and therefore will reduce the repayment costs.

The breakdown of where these funds are to be expected to be spent as follows:

  • New construction, demolition & site work at Jefferson site - 61.7%
  • Washington remodel (includes all mechanical systems, plumbing systems, ADA requirements, etc.) – 30.1%
  • Lincoln demo & gym remodel - 2.9%
  • New Elementary bus barn - 2.9%
  • Bond costs - 2.4%
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