What is the true status of our facilities?

A 2015 study performed by a third party of our facilities resulted in the following grades for our buildings:

The schools received these educational suitability scores:

  • Jefferson Elementary School - 65% or a “D” (deficient/unsatisfactory)
  • Lincoln Elementary School - 58% or an “F” (unacceptable)
  • Washington Middle School - 69% or a “C” (satisfactory)
  • Dawson High School - 77% or a “C” (satisfactory)

These scores are primarily driven by facility conditions, and educational adequacy for today’s learning environment. In spite of these conditions, our faculty and staff go above and beyond to create the best possible education for our children’s future. They have done an excellent job of overcoming these challenging facilities, and we owe them all a debt of gratitude.

In the 5 years since this study was done, our facility conditions have continued to deteriorate with monies we have available not being able to adequately take care of all of the issues that the school district is faced with.

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