What is this “taxable value” that I keep hearing about and how do I calculate it? How much is this going to cost me?

The amount you will pay for if these bond measures are passed will be based on your “taxable value” of your property.  Taxable value will give you an accurate number no matter if the property is residential, commercial, or agricultural (those different tax figures are already built into that number).  

To calculate an estimate of what the taxes will be, please go to the following website ( http://svc.mt.gov/dor/property). Once there, type in your address or name to find your property. This will tell you your “taxable value” of your property.

Use the following formula to calculate the tax increase you have for the year:

To find the Mills, please use the following Estimate that we got from the state:

Mills = 148.23

Example: if you have a taxable value of $1,350, your calculation is below:

Taxable Value x Mills

$1,350 X 148.23 = 200,110.5

Now take that number and divide it by 1000

200,110.5 /1000 = 200.11

This means that your YEARLY taxes will increase by about $200.11.

Monthly (about) = $16.68

Daily (about) = $.55

Tax Impact Sheet: Click here
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