Why are we building a new school on the Jefferson School site? Shouldn’t we be building this in town?

The school district owns four parcels of land and needs three parcels to meet its needs going forward. As you know, Washington is already capable of hosting a middle school, but neither the building nor the site meets the needs of middle school students. It makes more sense programmatically and financially to build a new middle school rather than a new elementary school.

Of the four parcels, the Jefferson site is the only one large enough to meet the needs of a modern middle school (a middle school has classrooms, an athletic field, and parking). Fortunately, our Design-Build team found a way to fit the middle school on the site while Jefferson remains in operation. The site is also large enough to consolidate our bus service and storage.

Using what we as a district already own allows the greatest economy and allows the district to offer the Lincoln site for another use in the community. We heard very clearly from the community that utilizing existing District land (so we do not have to purchase additional land) was very important.

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