WMS Announcements for Thursday,  May 23, 2019

  • LUNCH: Pizza, corn, fruit, and milk  No Salad bar

  • If you are interested in playing football next fall, please come to the gym for a quick meeting on Thursday, May 23 at the start of 7th grade lunch (11:57 am).  Coach Elmer, the WMS head coach wants to meet with 6-7th graders for a quick meeting. Coach Buckley would like to meet with the 8th graders going to DCHS again at the same time.  

  • The end of the year Awards Assembly is Friday, May 24th.  It will start at 12:10 pm in the gym. Your family is more than welcome to attend.  The last day of school will be an early out so you will be released at 1:18 pm.

  • AFTER SCHOOL ICU ROOM: Ms. Stickel Rm 29
  • Joke of the day:
  • Why was six afraid of seven???? Because seven Ate(8) nine (Mrs. Rowsey)
  • My friend says to me: "What rhymes with orange" I said: "No it doesn't"  (Isaac Reynolds)