We do not need new schools, the district just needs to take care of the buildings better.

The referendum uses bonds with a twenty-year term. When we spend bond money, we need to make sure that the solutions we execute have a service life that is longer than the term of the debt. The district is committed to taking care of its buildings and making smart investments going forward. Dawson County High School and Washington School are being repaired and remodeled. Neither Lincoln or Jefferson are good enough buildings to invest in for that period of time. They are being replaced by a single new structure. The bond term is 20 years and the systems and changes we are making to the buildings extend the life of the each building for more than 20 years.

The district has been very successful at extending the life span of very old systems. We have systems that are 15-25 years past their life expectancy (ASHRAE). The district has done a remarkable job extending the life of these buildings as much as possible (doubling the life expectancy on nearly all mechanical equipment), but we are running out of the ability to keep doing so. Due to the age of many of these systems repair parts are extremely difficult to find, and becoming excessively expensive.

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