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JES Dino-mites , about 2 hours ago

Kindergarten Registration Information: Please watch out for information about how to register your Kindergarten Student by Tuesday, August 11th. We are working on a way to register your student online.

Glendive Public Schools

Glendive Public Schools , about 4 hours ago

GPS is working on getting the A and B student groups finalized for each school. If your child’s last name starts with an A-K they will be in the A Group that will attend onsite Monday and Wednesday of each week. If your child’s last name starts with an L-Z they will be in the B Group that attends onsite Tuesday and Thursday. We know issues may arise with this split because of things like families with different last names, childcare, work schedules, etc. If this is the case for your child/family, please take the following survey with as much detail as possible. We will do our absolute best to accommodate everyone’s request but will also have to make sure the groups are evenly distributed to allow for social distancing and an optimal learning environment. Priority will be given to make sure that children in the same household will stay on the same schedule. Class Lists will not be released until this information has been collected, reviewed, and staff able to make adjustments. This survey is due at the end of the day on August 10th. PLEASE DO NOT MOVE FORWARD TAKING THIS SURVEY IF YOUR ASSIGNED SCHEDULE WORKS FOR YOUR FAMILY. Survey Link:

Glendive Public Schools

Glendive Public Schools , 1 day ago

Glendive Public Schools is requesting that any parent or guardian that would like to opt their child out of face-to-face instruction for the start of the 2020-2021 school year, complete the form that can be found at the link below. Parents will be allowed to choose this option through Tuesday, August 11, 2020. Each school needs time to prepare and plan for staffing needs for both online and face-to-face instruction. Completing this opt out agreement is necessary and very important. If you have any questions about this, please contact the building administrator of the school your child will be attending. The Glendive Unified School Board has determined that students who opt out of face-to-face instruction will still be allowed to participate in sports and activities. Please note that this is only for people that are registered with Glendive Public Schools. All rules, procedures, and eligibility requirements must be followed to participate. Opt out Form:

Glendive Public Schools

Glendive Public Schools , 1 day ago

We would like to take a minute to briefly explain the difference between online learning and offsite learning to hopefully clear up any confusion between the two. Online Learning This would only take place in the event that the government shuts down the school, if students/teachers have been quarantined, or if a student has chosen to be an on-line student. In these cases, we would have students use their provided device and connect with their teachers remotely. This would include but would not be limited to online independent assignments, Google Meet/Zoom meetings, interactive lessons, and would have teacher directed lessons. Offsite Learning (Restricted or Hybrid A/B model) This would be supplemental work for the hybrid format in order to meet requirements. During the hybrid schedule, this supplemental learning would take place in conjunction with classroom instruction. Students who attend school would be given additional “at home” activities to be completed outside the classroom along with a provided device. Examples of this offsite learning could be: reading, summarizing an article, math practice, spelling practice, little readers, projects, reading a novel, writing practice, review problems, journaling, review questions, etc. This could also include activities to promote social/emotional development such as: family dinner time, reading to a sibling, taking a walk, riding a bike, hiking in the park, swimming, preparing a meal together, etc. Our goal at GPS is to provide an excellent education to our students while keeping the health of our students and staff at the forefront.

Glendive Public Schools

Glendive Public Schools , 2 days ago

On August 3, 2020, the board convened a meeting to discuss the framework for re-opening schools. The school administration team was tasked by the board to develop and present a re-opening framework. Board discussion and public comment was heard. After public comment and discussion, the board motioned and approved the reopening framework and to start the 2020-2021 school year with the A/B Hybrid/Blended model for grades 3 through 12 by a vote of 4 to 2. The board tasked the administration to develop criteria for when each level of the framework would be implemented. The board directed the administration team and GEA to work together to develop a K through 2 reopening plan to be presented to the board. Direction to develop a commitment form for families to choose the online option for students was given. This will be developed and sent out to families in the GPS district. There was discussion whether students that enroll in the online option would be able to participate in extracurricular activities. This was tabled and no determination was made. The board will address this issue at the next board meeting. Discussion on pushing back the start date of school occurred with no final resolution. The board recessed the special board meeting and will reconvene after further information has been gathered. The next regular scheduled board meeting is scheduled for August 10, 2020 at 7:00 PM in the DCHS auditorium. GPS Reopening Guidance (Options):

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