We are stronger together

Glendive Public Schools believes in great communication. This page is dedicated to providing the information that is shared to our communities. This is done in a variety of ways, so we wanted to make a place that anyone can come to and get the information (just in case they miss it).

August 2023- May 2024

2/21/24 -Morning Digs with Dinodave

What we talked about:

  • Student Enrollment

    • Different ways that schools are funded: 

      • Basic Entitlement - minimum level of funding

      • ANB - Average Number Belonging - students in seats

      • Supplemented by local taxes 

    • We are down from the fall but one less than last spring

    • We don’t feel the trend is going to continue

2/14/24 -Morning Digs with Dinodave

What we talked about:

  • Student Behavior

    • NCES (National Center for Education Statistics) reported that COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted student behavior and socio-emotional development with 84-87% of public schools observing a negative impact on both of these.  

    • Student behavior has been one of the causes of teacher burnout and the teaching shortage.

    • It is really difficult as an educator but also one of the greatest jobs in the world as they get to make a difference in the lives of the students and help raise the next generation.

    • Teacher Turnover has reached its highest point in at least five years

    • Districts are struggling to find teachers and administrators - Great Falls only had 2 applicants for their open Superintendent search

    • We need to be encouraging people to go into the teaching profession.

2/7/24 -Morning Digs with Dinodave

What we talked about:

  • Staffing

    • Time of year when we start looking for people

    • Gone are the times where people stay for long periods of time - unless they have a tie

    • If people know of anyone, reach out to them

    • We appreciate and are grateful for all the teachers that we do have that are making a difference

    • https://www.glendiveschools.com/page/current-openings

1/31/24 -Morning Digs with Dinodave

What we talked about:

  • MAST State Testing Pilot

    • New Assessment from the state (2nd year of Pilot)

    • Trying to replace Smarter Balance (summative assessment)

    • The idea is to have data that teachers can use to help students - we don’t get data from summative until the next school year

    • Time will tell how this will all turn out

    • Right now about 50% of the state is doing it.  Next year 100% 3-8 will have to do this

    • 5 Testing windows throughout the year

    • Information went out to parents (3-8)

1/24/24 - Morning Digs with Dinodave

What we talked about:

  • Threats

    • Last week - we did not get a threat to our schools

    • Explosive Threats throughout Montana - none were found

    • Swatting - last year

    • We will work with law enforcement

    • Always a tight timeline

    • Safety is utmost priority

  • Winter Conditions

    • We will have school unless you hear something from us

    • Some want us to cancel, others don’t

    • We believe it should be up to the parents to decide - individual family decision

    • If we feel it is too unsafe for anyone, then we will look at a late start, early out, or canceling school all together

  • Emergency procedures

    • Phone, text, website, app, email

    • Make sure you have the right information with the schools 

    • Just call and talk to your child’s school to make sure

1/10/24 - Radio Show with Paul

What we talked about:

  • Brawl of the East

    • Wrestling and BB here tomorrow

  • Winter is here

    • Temperatures - each school is a little different

      • Website - Emergency Info

    • Call the school to make sure you are set up for notifications

  • 4-day week update

1/3/24 - Radio Show with Paul

What we talked about:

  • K-8 - End of the Quarter is on Jan 11th

  • Upcoming Sports

  • AI - Effects on Education

12/6/23 - Radio Show with Paul

What we talked about:

  • Only 2 weeks before Christmas Break

  • Christmas Programs

    • Last night was the JES concert

    • Thursday is the LES concert

    • Next Tuesday the 12th is DCHS’s concert

    • Next Thursday the 14th is WMS’s concert

  • End of the Semester

    • DCHS - Dec 20th

    • JES, LES, WMS - Jan 11th

  • Ending 2023 strong

    • Word for the year Perseverance

    • Gary Blair said this, “You didn’t come this far to only come this far. Dig Deep, Finish Strong and make yourself proud.”

    • “I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy — I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.” — Art Williams

11/29/23 - Radio Show with Paul

What we talked about:

  • Winter Sports

    • Starting this weekend

  • 4 Fridays before Christmas

  • Time of Year

    • Exciting time, but Rough time of the year in schools (students and staff)

    • There are so many hurting people

    • Holidays are tough for people

    • Be there for each other

  • Resources

  • Communication

    • Call Students school to make sure information is updated

    • Moving to just a 2 stop shop for information - GPS app and Infinite Campus

11/22/23 - Radio Show with Paul

What we talked about:

  • LES

    • A huge thank you to the GPS Staff, the DCC Athletes, and our Community for helping us move in.

    • We have a long way to go, but it is nice to have them finally set and being used.

  • Thanksgiving Break

    • Early out today with Thursday and Friday off

    • A Happy Thanksgiving to everyone

    • I am extremely grateful for the people in this community that continue to give and try and make Glendive a better place for everyone.

    • John F. Kennedy said, “We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.”

11/15/23 - Radio Show with Paul

What we talked about:

  • Winter Sports

    • Starts Thursday 11/16/23

  • Thanksgiving Week

    • Wed - Early Out 

    • Thurs/Fri - No School

  • Rooms

    • Excited to be rolling out a new communication tool for our Coaches

    • Just download our app

    • Once we have it ready, you will see it in your app - Toggle

    • With anything new, it will take some time to get used to for everyone

    • Would have liked to have got it rolled out sooner, but 

  • LES Update

    • Getting closer

    • Ton of work left to do

    • Moving into them on Friday

11/8/23 - Radio Show with Paul

What we talked about:

  • VB State

    • Thursday at 2pm

  • Emergency Protocols

    • What we use: 

      • Infinite Campus

      • GPS App

      • Website

      • Text

      • Phone

    • If you didn’t get a message from us, you need to update your information on Infinite Campus

      • Can do that on the IC app

      • Can call your child’s school and they can update it for you

      • If you can’t get on, please contact your child’s school and they can help you

11/1/23 - Radio Show with Paul

What we talked about:

  • Parent Teacher Conferences

    • Thursday, November 2nd from 2pm to 8pm

    • No School on Friday

  • LES Modulars

    • They are here and being setup

    • We are hoping they will be setup by Friday

    • Then we have to get a ton of work done and start moving things in

    • The heating plan for the 1909 part of the building has been going well

10/25/23 - Radio Show with Paul

What we talked about:

10/18/23 - Radio Show with Paul

What we talked about:

  • October PIR Days

    • No School Thursday or Friday - Early out Wednesday

    • Teachers are improving their craft

  • Been a rough start to the year mentally for our staff

    • So much going on, so much change

    • I have to keep reminding myself and everyone else

      • Through Tough Times comes the Greatest opportunity to grow

      • Learning comes from mistakes - what we need to instill in our students

      • Word for the year is Perseverance - Definition: persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

      • We have to keep moving forward - There is always another side even if it doesn’t feel that way

      • John Maxwell - “Everything Worthwhile is Uphill”

      • You are meant to be where you are otherwise, you wouldn’t be there

10/11/23 - Radio Show with Paul

What we talked about:

  • LES Modulars

    • Transition Plan

    • Coordination - lots of moving pieces

    • Miracles - many done, many to still happen

    • Moving Plan - this week

10/4/23 - Radio Show with Paul

What we talked about:

9/27/23 - Radio Show with Paul

What we talked about:

  • Homecoming Week

    • Many activities for everyone

    • Homecoming is this week

  • Drive 4UR School - American Ford

    • Today - 7:30 to 5:30

    • Up to $6,000 can be earned for the DCHS Athletic Program

9/20/23 - Radio Show with Paul

What we talked about:

  • Superintendent’s Conference

    • Just got back

    • Reviewing all the new laws

    • Staffing is an issue throughout the state, even in AA schools (Teachers, Paras, Custodians, Bus Drivers)

    • Great Falls has hired 250 teachers in the last 3 years

    • Education is in a tough situation and it is only going to get worse unfortunately

9/13/23 - Radio Show with Paul

What we talked about:

  • Communication

    • Lowest Level - Contact the employee

    • Everyone is doing the best they can - We only know what we know

    • Think about if you were them, how would you want others to treat you

    • Employee - then Principal

    • Will be sent to the lowest level

    • We all want the same thing

    • Chain of command

  • Homecoming

    • Week of the 25th

    • FB vs Laurel - 29th

    • VB vs Park - 30th

9/6/23 - Radio Show with Paul

What we talked about:

  • Sports

    • Big win against Miles City

    • Golf, Cross Country, and Volleyball here in Glendive this week

  • LES Update

    • Closed on the loans a couple weeks ago

    • Almost all done with the heating and cooling done in the 1952 part of the building

    • Modulars are still on schedule

    • Working hard to have as little of a disruption as possible

    • Will need our community's help

  • Vaping 

    • Having a rise in Vaping in DCHS and WMS

    • Smells like candy - Highlighters that work can be Vaping Pens

    • Parents need to be aware - more info will be coming from the district

8/30/23 - Radio Show with Paul

What we talked about:

  • Extracurriculars

  • 4 day school week

  • No School Friday and Monday

    • Friday School will start Sept 8th

8/16/23 - Marcy in the Morning Radio Show

What we talked about:

  • First Full Week

    • PIR Day Friday

    • Sports starting - FB here against BC, Volleyball and Fergus, JV Volleyball here Saturday, CC and GO out of town

  • Extracurriculars

    • We are unfortunately raising participation fees, season passes, etc.

    • COVID really changed things - bad gift that keeps on giving

    • No money came in that year and the price of everything from supplies, motel rooms, gas, etc. just keep going up

    • We have tried to keep them down, but we just can’t anymore

    • We were negative last year - 

    • Like having a savings account that you pay things out of - you don’t want to dip into your saving because that is for emergencies.  You want to have revenues and expenses equal not dip into your savings.  

    • We are doing things in all areas to save so it isn’t a huge burden, but it won’t be enough so we will need to look at fundraising as well

    • Many school districts just pay out of their general fund, but for us that doesn’t work because this is how it has been for as long as I know.  To do that now puts a huge burden on the general fund that we didn’t have before

    • Eligibility rules changed as well - going to be following MHSA rules with a little modification - will make things more equitable

  • Employment

    • www.glendiveschools.com - Employment Opportunities - Click to Apply

    • Still need Paraprofessionals, Bus Drivers, Substitutes, Custodians, Cook Assistants

    • Just need a HS diploma

    • Call 377-2555 (Superintendent’s Office) for help with anything

8/16/23 - Marcy in the Morning Radio Show (With Paul Sturlaugson)

What we talked about:

  • Start of the school year

    • Today is the first day for Kinder, 3rd, 6th, and 9th grade students

    • We love our transition day as it helps the student get used to the new building without all the distractions of the other kids - been very successful

    • First day for everyone else tomorrow

    • First full week next week

  • Bonds

    • Grateful to our community

    • We don’t take this lightly

8/9/23 - Marcy in the Morning Radio Show

What we talked about:

  • Vote Results

    • Bond and Levy Passed

    • Bond - about 61% yes

    • Levy - about 63% yes

    • About 30% more people voted than in May

    • We don’t take this support lightly.  With every good thing comes more responsibility.

    • This was the first of a series of miracles that have to happen this year for GPS.  

    • This was a team effort.  Glendive is a great place to live.  Glendive will continue to be a great place to live and the more we come work together, the better it will be.  We truly are stronger together.

    • 1967 last time bond passed - 56 years

  • Board Meeting last week

    • Approved loan resolutions

    • Closing date on August 15th

  • Word for the Year: Perseverance

    • It's a reminder that despite the tough times that may lie ahead, we are committed to moving forward with unwavering determination. 

  • LES Update

    • Electrical and Heating in the 1952 part of the building - getting installed

    • Modulars are being built

    • Got many things figured out - we are still working on some

8/7/23 - Marcy in the Morning Radio Show

What we talked about:

  • Start of School

    • 14th first day back for certified and classified staff

    • 16th first day back for Kinder, 3rd, 6th, and 9th graders

    • 17th - First day for everyone else

    • Excited for the new school year - great to start something new (hope)

    • If you need to register your kids, go to our website or call the individual schools

  • Bond and Levy

    • All ballots must be turned in by tomorrow at 8pm (August 8th) 

    • Postmarked won’t work

    • Everyone needs to go vote - make your voice heard

    • If you haven’t registered to vote, you can go down to the Clerk and Recorder’s office and register and get your ballot

    • 18 to 54 - Less than 30% voted last time

    • 55 and up - Over 60% voted last time

  • Sports

    • Tonight at 6:30 (7th) - Fall Activities Parents Meeting

    • 1st day of practice for HS starts at the end of this week

    • Tomorrow at 7pm at DCHS - Activity Workers meeting

  • Hiring

    • Accounts Payable/Payroll Specialist, Administrative Assistant to Superintendent, Custodians, Paraprofessionals, Cook Assistants, Bus Drivers/Aides

    • Go to the website (www.glendiveschools.org) to see the full list