Ballots Coming Out - Be informed (3:12)

What It Is About: Mr. Schreibeis talks about the Bond Ballots being sent out and to make sure people are informed before they vote.

Interview With Bridget Ekstrom of D.A. Davidson (7:52)

What it is about: Mr. Schreibeis interviews Bridget Ekstrom of D.A. Davidson and discusses The bond financing (Principal and interest), the best time to pursue a bond, and the total amount of money per household. 

Bridget Ekstrom is the VP of Public Finance of D.A. Davidson.  

Interview with Dusty Eaton of A&E Architects (31:37)

What it is about: Mr. Schreibeis interviews Dusty Eaton of A&E Architects and discusses the bond process, critical needs in the district, and what happens in a community after a successful bond measure.  

Dusty Eaton is the CEO of A&E Architects

"Let's Talk About It" Interview (33:18)

What it is about: Mr. Schreibeis explains the process and plan for the bond measure going in front of the voters.  This will be a good video to explain the flyers that you will get in your household.  

Website: Click here
Application: Click here
Contact: Shirley Kreiman, 207 West Bell, 377-3058, kreimans@dawsoncountymontana.org
Must Register before September 9th!

Intro to Bond Measure (1:52)

What it is about: Just letting the community to know to check out our website and facebook pages over the next couple of weeks.  We will be getting more information out as time goes on.