GPS is committed to increasing our STEM opportunities for all students. STEM is a common abbreviation for four closely connected areas of study: science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The fields are often associated due to the similarities that they share both in theory and practice. There's been a significant push in recent years to fill STEM jobs in the United States. Despite a focus on filling STEM-related jobs, American businesses can't fill their STEM jobs at an appropriate pace. -STEM [science, technology, engineering, mathematics] jobs are projected to grow 8.8%. -Specifically, software development employment is projected to grow 22%.
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Science dissecting lab
At GPS, we strive to ensure our schools remain a source of pride for our community. Go to our website for the latest district news:
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It can be difficult to tell the difference between an overnight illness and the onset of the cold or flu. Because our top priority at GPS is keeping our students, student families and staff safe and healthy, we have created protocols and a series of screening questions to help families decide whether their child’s symptoms warrant a sick day from school. Before school each day, students should be screened by parents for fever or other signs of illness. If the student shows such symptoms, they should be kept home. When students report to school, teachers will continue to monitor students for visible or reported signs of illness, and they may take the student’s temperature or send them to the school nurse for a further health screening as needed. Please see the infographics for additional guidelines.
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Visit the GPS website for some social and emotional learning resources for parents:
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Glendive Public School staff continually brings their best each and every day. We want our students to walk away feeling safe and valued. For what better purpose can a school district have than to add value to its students?
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At GPS we have a vision: Excellence in Education. Our commitment to this vision is behind everything we do for our students. A dedicated staff and a supportive community are the driving forces behind our school district.
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Please click on the following link for important information about GPS transportation. Thank you!
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Next Friday, September 10th, we will be starting our Friday School for nonproficient students. This will be mandatory attendance for all nonproficient students. For a definition of non-proficient students and the schedule for Friday School, please be on the lookout for more information coming from the individual schools. Have a great Labor Day weekend!
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Please click the link to read the September 2021 Title Newsletter.
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GPS’ top priority is always the safety and well-being of our students (both physically and mentally). Please talk to your kids about our ACT Program. ACT Every Time: 1 small ACT can save a life, Small ACTions create great change!
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ACT Every Time
Just a reminder folks, Glendive Public Schools will be out Friday September 3rd and Monday September 6th for the Labor Day Holiday. Everyone have fun and stay safe!
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From the transportation department: Bus 4 will not run the afternoon route today, August 31.
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Our word for the year at GPS is GRATITUDE. The definition of gratitude is “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.” Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships. Expressing gratitude reminds us that we are all connected. GPS is thankful for our teachers, staff, students, parents, and community. We greatly value and appreciate your trust placed in us!
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Core Values
For all the latest news and updates from Glendive Public Schools be sure to go to the Live Feed on our website:
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Safety Post from Glendive Police Department With the beginning of the school year upon us, we just wanted to remind everyone of some safety tips from the Glendive Police Department. Please talk with your students. #GPSSafety #BeSafe #EducationIsKey
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The Veteran’s Letter Writing Campaign is looking for volunteers to be a part of our committee. If you haven’t heard about us yet, please click on the following links below for more information:
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Veteran's Letter Writing Campaign
GPS is looking for an Administrative Assistant to the Special Services Director. If you would like to join our amazing team and add value to students, staff and the community, we would love to have you apply. If you have any questions, please email Val Damron at Tentative Start Date: September 27, 2021 Hourly Wage: $14.74 - $15.74 depending on experience, including prorated benefits. Job Closes: 8/27/21 To apply, please go to
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Hey Parents! We invite you to visit the app store on your iPhone or Android to download our district app. Just search for Glendive Public Schools and stay up to date on all the latest happenings.
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Glendive Public Schools is hiring! Please visit our Current Openings if you are interested in a position serving students in our community:
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We encourage all K-12 parents to visit the school website and download the 2021-2022 District Calendar and keep it on your fridge or somewhere handy.
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